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Top 10 Benefits Of A Ductless Heat Pump

There are many benefits to having a ductless heat pump installed in your home, and at the top of the list is the fact that this ingenious system has the versatility to provide both heating and cooling for the home. Think about that – one system that can both heat and cool your home! All the other benefits are legitimate and advantageous to the homeowner as well, but this one benefit is enough to make it something worth considering. When homeowners look for a heating or cooling system, they take into account factors like energy efficiency, versatility, unobtrusiveness, ease of installation, ongoing costs, necessary maintenance, and performance. The ductless heat pump gets high marks in every one of these areas.

Before discussing the benefits of the system, some explanation of how it works is necessary. The ductless heat pump is a system that consists of two primary components, one located outdoors and the other one inside the home. The outdoor component is a compressor/condenser and the inside component acts as an air-handler that distributes the incoming air throughout the targeted zone or room. There can be several air-handling units located in the home, and each of these would receive conditioned air through the connecting conduit. Fresh air is drawn in from the outside, conditioned to be warm or cool, and then passed via conduit to the interior.

Ductless heat pumps are usually split with an indoor unit containing an air circulating fan and a heating coil connected to an external system unit housing the compressor. As with any heating and cooling equipment, correct BTU sizing is important for comfort because a unit that is either too small or too big will not operate properly.

Top 10 Benefits of the ductless heat pump

  1. As mentioned, ductless heat pumps can both heat and cool the home. Because they are air-source systems, fresh air from the outside is always being drawn in, and this keeps the air inside from becoming stale. In addition, they have their own air filter built in, so the indoor air quality stays high. This means that residents suffering from allergies will stay healthier, with all the pollen, germs, dust, and odors removed from the air they breathe.
  2. Ductless heat pumps run very quietly, and they have a small footprint. They are not obtrusive in the home and since they are quiet,  they are usually not seen or heard.
  3. Since they heat individual rooms or zones in the home, each one can have its own thermostat, so many different preferences can be accommodated.
  4. Because they require no ductwork, they can be much less expensive to install, and with no ductwork there is no loss of energy from leaky ductwork.
  5. Installation is usually very simple, because all that is necessary is to setup the indoor and outdoor units, then create a small hole in one of the walls to pass the conduit which connects them.
  6. The positioning of the indoor air-handlers can be very flexible, since they can be either mounted on a wall, suspended from a ceiling, or even setup as floor units.
  7. As opposed to a window air conditioner, the ductless heat pump can be safer for your home. A window air conditioner can provide a very easy entrance for a burglar to break through, but the small hole in the wall which connects the two heat pump components cannot be breached.
  8. They heat more efficiently than traditional electric heaters and can distribute heat over a very large living space.
  9. Ductless heat pumps cost much less to operate on a monthly basis than alternative heating and cooling systems.
  10. Because these are such energy efficient systems, there are many local programs offering incentives for homeowners to switch to this method of heating and cooling. Utility companies are encouraging consumers to use ductless heat pumps, and are offering cash incentives to help motivate consumers.

Ductless heat pumps are fast becoming popular and most requested kinds of new heating and cooling installations, for all of the reasons mentioned above. If you are a home or business owner and considering a new HVAC system, or if you are building a new residential or commercial property and trying to decide on the right system – remember the benefits of the ductless heat pump and make the right choice for yourself and your family/company.

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