We Service Canadian Homes.

Residential air conditioning + heating

Whether you are updating your current home or building a new home, Airlux has provided heating and cooling solutions for over 16 years. We manufacture, install and service our products – providing our customers the piece of mind of dealing with one company. With all the government rebates, now is the best time to upgrade your home to a cleaner technology with the unique benefit of reducing your utility bills and adding cooling to your heating system.


The air conditioning units pull heat out during the summer, and bring heat in during the winter. The physics of heating and cooling is fascinating.
- Ilia Baiman, Founder

Why Choose Us?


    • Heat pump technology significantly lowers your carbon footprint when replacing an existing system that uses gas, oil or solids fuels.


    • Save up to 50% off your current heating and cooling bills. Your local government may offer up to $12,000 in rebates.


    • Provide heating and air conditioning all in one solution. Plus, you can adjust your temperature room to room to suit your personal comfort levels


    • Airlux is one of the few companies that manufactures, installs, and services your heat pump. One company gives our customers peace of mind.


"I had a mini split installed from here a few years ago and it has worked flawlessly. These guys are excellent to deal with. Very fair pricing and a good product. I will deal here again."
Gordon Sjodin
"I purchased a 3 head ductless system from Airlux. The equipment is well priced and works well (4 days after install) Had 2 +30celsius days in Vancouver and no problems."
Derf Woo
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