You can now build your own air conditioning and heating system.

Build your own system.

We pride ourselves in letting our customers select the system that works for them. We use outdoor units for different usages. For example, as 9,000 BTU unit, has less power. Whereas a 24,000 BTU unit has more power. Each home, or commercial space is different, and requires different machines.

Multi-Zone Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps

A multi-zone air conditioner / heat pump system allows you to connect up to 9 indoor units with 1 outdoor unit, which allows you to cool or heat 9 different rooms or areas. Airlux offers 4 types of indoor units - including wall-mounted units, floor-mounted units, ceiling-mounted units, and duct-type unit. All units feature a split ductless technology, allowing for smooth air conditioner installation. You may choose a pre-configured system or build a customized system to match your unique space.