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Comparison - Wall Mounted Air Conditioner vs. Other Air Conditioning Options

One of the most efficient ways to beat the summer heat or the winter cold is a wall mounted air conditioner and heat pump. It’s cost-effective, powerful and reliable.  Below, we take a look at some of the reasons why wall mounted air conditioners are more effective compared to other cooling and heating solutions.

Cooling And Heating

One of the key advantages of wall mounted air conditioners is that one unit can cool and heat any room with the flip of a switch.  This is something that traditional air conditioners or central air conditioning systems can’t do.  Wall units provide the best of both worlds.

Energy Efficient

Wall mounted, ductless air conditioners are more energy efficient than central air systems or traditional air conditioners. Split AC units cool off designated spaces while central air systems cool down entire homes. For maximum efficiency, look for a wall mounted unit with the Energy star label and an energy efficiency ratio above 10.

Lower Cost

Wall mounted air conditioners are typically a lower cost investment. They provide plenty of cold air but don’t cost nearly as much as a central air conditioning system. Some wall mounted air conditioners can be purchased for as little as $800. You should also allocate a budget for an installation cost, but it will still pale in comparison to that of a central air conditioning system.

Not Blocking View

Nobody wants an appliance blocking their view of what is happening outside of the home or office. While window mounted air conditioners will eliminate your view of the outside world, wall mounted air conditioners will keep your windows clear. Wall air conditioners can be stationed on any part of a home or office wall.

Space Saving

Aside from keeping your window clear from large equipment, wall mounted air conditioners will also save plenty of space. Wall mounted air conditioners are often installed high up on the walls instead of being placed on the ground or installed in windows like cabinet style air conditioners and window mounted air conditioners. They are perfect for apartments, small homes and offices that are short on space. Use the extra space for other other appliances, furniture or extra storage space.


Unlike portable air conditioners, split air conditioners don’t require packing and unpacking when the summer season ends. A wall mounted air conditioner doesn’t eat up space as it is typically positioned high on a wall. It will remain in place year round. 


While window mounted air conditioners can be pushed from their position, allowing burglars an opportunity to enter the home, wall mounted air conditioners do not carry the same risk. Wall mounted air conditioners are typically placed high up on a home’s wall so that it doesn’t present an opportunity for entry through a compromised window. 

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