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What are the benefits of installing a wall mounted heat pump?

Why Should You Choose Wall Mounted Heat Pumps?

Wall mounted heat pumps work especially well if you have one or more rooms that do not have exterior walls or window. The heat pump is extremely quiet and only requires two inches of clearance from the ceiling, allowing you plenty of placement options. All systems are operated by a remote control, making it easy to manoeuvre it regardless of where you place your wall mounted heat pump. If you require a model that will handle over 18,000 BTU’s, there is also a wired, wall mounted version you can choose to accommodate your needs.

Cool And Heat Up To Four Zones In Your Home

There are a few options available to you when choosing a wall mounted heat pump including:

• Single Zone Pumps That Both Cool And Heat – this unit allows you heat and cool individual rooms and have different capacities for heating and cooling. For heating, the units range between 10,000 and 27,600 BTU’s and cooling options range between 8,500 to 22,000 BTU’s
• Multi Zone Pumps Allowing You To Control The Temperature In Different Rooms – This pump uses an outdoor condenser that varies in range from 18,000 and 36,000 BTU’s and units can be turned off in rooms not being used in order to save energy. It is important to consult your model’s specifications on handling multiple rooms.

Inverter Technology Advantages

At Airlux we specialize in manufacturing energy efficient air conditioners and wall mounted heat pumps and our ductless split zone units feature numerous fans and speed compressors. In professional terms we call it the Inverter Technology. These units are able to gauge the air temperature at a much quicker rate, allowing you to lower your energy consumption.

Generally, a wall mounted heat pump is your best bet when it comes to keeping your home at a comfortable temperature for an affordable price, And, it can be used during the winter and summer months. However, there are a few specific advantages that wall mounted heat pumps offer, including:

• No additional expenses form installing ducts
• Year round heating and air conditioning
• Up to a 25 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)
• Reduced heating costs since a wall mounted pump costs less to run than its electric counterpart
• You have the option to install more than one unit if you own a larger home
• Wall mounted pumps are very quiet while operating

• The amount of natural sunlight the room gets – more sunlight means more heat, which can use more energy out of your unit.
• The ceiling height in the room – if the ceiling is higher than eight feet, you will want to go with a higher BTU unit.
• How many people will occupy the room – a general rule of thumb to follow is to add an extra 600 BTU’s of cooling power for every additional person expected to be in the room.

Heat pump Installation

Similar to other ductless models, a wall mounted heat pump requires the assistance of a qualified licensed HVAC technician to install your unit. The outdoor condensing unit is connected by refrigerated and electrical lines. These lines need to be connected between components indoors and outdoors, so it is important to seek qualified help.

Based on your particular housing needs, a wall mounted heat pump is an excellent choice. The comparisons make it easy to see that ductless units are cheaper and more efficient in the long run to use in your home. Call your local HVAC specialist at Airlux today and let our experienced team help you decide whether a wall mounted heat pump is right for you. 

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