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How Heat Pumps Work

Heat pumps are effective tools for managing indoor temperatures, offering both warmth and coolness with high energy efficiency. Here’s how they work:

Save Up to 50% on Utility Bills with an Energy Efficient Air Conditioner Heat Pump

With SEER ratings as high as 22, nearly double that required for an Energy Star label, you can rest assured that Airlux air conditioners and heat pumps will save you a great deal on utility bills. Plus, our air conditioners and heat pumps run smoothly and quietly, take up little space, and are simple to install. With a warranty on top, you can’t go wrong with an Airlux air conditioner and heat pump.

Top Quality

Made in the same factories as leading brands.

7-Year Warranty

Guaranteed peace of mind for years to come.

Fast Delivery

Get it quick with our local warehouse.

Local Repairs

Easy access to repairs whenever you need them.


What Our Clients Say

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#1 Best Rated Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Provider

Airlux is the top choice for heating and cooling solutions in British Columbia, known for its high quality and industry-leading standards.

Award-Winning Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Solutions

Richmond 15100 Knox way,
Richmond, BC V6V 3A6

We have awarded AIRLUX Heating and Air Conditioning as The Best HVAC Contractor in Richmond for 2023. An overall quality score exceeding 9596 was achieved. making them the top ranked in Richmond

Canada's Trusted Heat Pump and Air Conditioning Provider Since 2004

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