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You can now build your own air conditioning and heating system.

We pride ourselves in letting our customers select the system that works for them. We use outdoor units for different usages. For example, as 9,000 BTU unit, has less power. Whereas a 24,000 BTU unit has more power. Each home, or commercial space is different, and requires different machines.

Our Heat Pumps

Multi Zone Ductless Split Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

A multi-zone air conditioner/heat pump system enables you to connect up to nine indoor units to one outdoor unit, allowing for individual cooling or heating of different rooms or areas. Airlux provides several options:

Each unit features split ductless technology, facilitating seamless installation. You can choose a pre-configured system or customize one to meet the specific needs of your space.

Indoor Wall Mounted Unit

Indoor Wall Mounted Units

Unit Types

9,000 BTU Unit

12,000 BTU Unit

18,000 BTU Unit

Indoor Concealed Duct Type Unit 18000BTU

Indoor Concealed Duct Type

Unit Types

12,000 BTU Unit

18,000 BTU Unit

24,000 BTU Unit

Three Zone Outdoor Units​

Three Zone Outdoor Units

Unit Types

27,000 BTU Unit

36,000 BTU Unit

Five+ Zone Outdoor Unit​

Five+ Zone Outdoor Unit

Unit Types

48,000 BTU Unit


#1 Best Rated Heat Pump Provider

Airlux is the leading provider of heat pump systems, continually setting the standard for excellence in the industry.

Award-Winning Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Solutions

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We have awarded AIRLUX Heating and Air Conditioning as The Best HVAC Contractor in Richmond for 2023. An overall quality score exceeding 9596 was achieved. making them the top ranked in Richmond


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