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A Ductless Air Conditioner – Is it a Good Choice For You?

New ductless air conditioners provide efficient alternatives to traditional HVAC systems, however, they might be unsuitable for some homes or commercial properties. Before making a decision about your new air conditioner, check to see if a ductless air conditioner fits your situation.

New Construction Or Remodelling

The very best time to install a ductless air conditioner is during new home construction or remodelling. Your ductless air conditioner gives you more options in regards to the interior design of your home, since you don’t have to accommodate the ducts into the home’s layout. The money you save by not installing ductwork helps to offset the installation cost of a ductless system.

Lack Of Existing Ductwork

If you are currently using window units or space heaters, then your home does not have existing ducts in place, and a ductless air conditioner is a great value if you are planning to sell your property in the future. Installing a ducted HVAC system would require extensive remodelling to make room for the ducts, whereas a ductless system needs only a small hole in the exterior wall for the conduit tubing.

Desire For More Control

Each room unit in a ductless air conditioner can be adjusted to a separate temperature, giving you more control over how cool or hot these rooms get. This is perfect in cases where members of your household are temperature sensitive and need their room to be warmer or cooler than the rest of the home for maximum comfort. You also have the freedom to determine when each of the rooms get cooled. For instance, you may want to cool only the bedrooms during the evening while the family is asleep, while you want the living room cool during the day. Use the pre-set feature on the thermostat to schedule your home’s cooling cycle for the entire day.

Multi-Family Housing

If you own a building that is used for multi-family housing, or you rent out a room or the basement of your home, a ductless air conditioner is a great choice. The individual thermostats for each room unit can be set any way that you want them, so tenants can set their own comfort level without bothering anyone else.

Noise Reduction

Large outdoor HVAC units use huge motors to drive cool air in and out of your home, and those motors create a lot of noise. With a ductless air conditioner, you don’t have to worry about the noise level of your A/C system any longer. The room modules are nearly silent, and the outdoor compressor uses a relatively small motor that generates very little noise on its own. Whether in a child’s bedroom or right next to your porch, you will hardly notice the system at all.

Lower Monthly Expenses

A ductless air conditioner uses much less energy than a central HVAC unit, or even a window mounted air conditioner. Many home-owners see utility costs drop dramatically with an upgrade to an energy efficient air conditioning system. Ductless air conditioners do have a higher initial cost than a central HVAC unit, but with the money you save on monthly utilities and the reduced cost of maintenance, you will make up the difference in a couple of years.

When you find yourself looking for an air conditioner upgrade, carefully check all of your options and consider ductless air conditioners for your home or business. They are suitable for almost every residential and commercial property, so make sure to discuss all ductless options with your HVAC contractor before the work begins.

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