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Indoor Concealed Duct Type Unit 12,000 BTU


For ductless heat pump systems

This 12,000 BTU unit works as part of a complete DUCTLESS air conditioning system. The installation is done indoors and is connected to an outdoor unit. Multiple WALL, CEILING or CONCEALED DUCT TYPE air conditioners can be connected to this system to create a complete cooling and heating solution.

Technical Details:

Model NumberAMD12I
Cooling Capacity BTU/Hr (min/max)11900
Heating Capacity BTU/Hr (min/max)13100
Air Flow Volume M3/Hr (max)500
Dehumidifying Volume (L/H)1.2
Noise Level max/min dB(A)39/26
Pipe Size (In.)1/4″ & 3/8″
Max. Pipe Length (m)20
Max. elevation (m)10
Unit Dimensions W x D x H(mm.)700×615×200
Unit Package Dimensions W x D x H(mm.)893×743×305
Unit Net Weight (kg)23
Unit Gross Weight (kg)29
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